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Newscast Archives, covering current events, specifically concerning Israel, focusing on what we all care most about ... and what the LameStream Media isn't telling us. ... +more   Here are Alan's general bible studies, covering the most numerous group of topics on his Vimeo web site. ... +more
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Here's Alan's full study of the book of Romans ... chapter by chapter, verse by verse. ... +more   Here are videos that explain Alan's background and his unique style of teaching what the bible says by revealing the meanings of the Father's original, absolutely most ancient, pictographic letter-forms ... +more
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Here are Alan's music videos ... secular and Scriptural, past and present. ... +more
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  Here are some of Alan's personal videos ... like his 13th birthday party! ... +more
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Alan officially ended his relationship with YouTube on June 1st, 2016. After 9 years and more than 500 videos, the videos you'll see here reveal why he left YouTube and created his channel on ... +more   Purchase the Otiot Flash Cards, t-shirts, mugs and a whole bunch more at ... +more

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Here's Alan's personal web site where you'll find hours of viewing ... including his full biography, pictures, free MP3 downloads of his all-original songs, musicians resources and how-to articles, biblical resources and articles ... and all kinds of neat stuff about Alan's 1954 Chevy pickup street rod! ... +more   Here's Alan's Facebook page where you can see, and receive updates about, his weekly video uploads.   NOTE: Please be advised that Alan does not spend any time on his Facebook page - if you send him messages or a Friend Request, he will never see them. The way to contact him is via his Vimeo channel. ... +more
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Here is the YouTube Channel Alan has recently stopped adding videos to. His 500+ videos there are still available, but Alan is no longer active there. You can find out his reasons for leaving YouTube by watching the videos in his WHY ALAN LEFT Vimeo channel. ... +more   Here is Alan's first YouTube Channel, it has 31 videos. This is where he started learning about making videos ... +more

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