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    How to Play Music On the Web:

    • • iTunes • •
With iTunes you can preview, buy and download songs, music videos and albums, make playlists, burn CDs, discover music, share musical tastes, and more!   You can stream partial-listens to songs and if you like what you hear, you can purchase entire songs for 99¢ each!

iTunes works on a Mac or a PC ... you can select from over 1 million tracks from all five major and more than 600 leading independent labels ... enjoy free 30-second previews of all songs ... find hundreds of exclusive and pre-release tracks and many rare, out-of-print albums, too!   If you don't have iTunes, you can download a copy for FREE!

Download iTunes

• • MP3 FILES • •
If you need an MP3 Player, Click Here:   Windows  •  Mac  •  Linux

Real Audio Player
Whether you're on a MAC or a PC, Real Audio is pretty cool ... it plays Real Audio files as well as MP3 files ... and it's free. If you don't have a Real Audio player, click on the button below and download the Player that matches your computer software -- it's easy and doesn't take that long to do. If you already have a player, you may need to upgrade to the latest version -- to avoid the miseries of a player that doesn't play correctly, click on the button below and follow the easy directions -- again, it's free ... it doesn't take that long ... and you'll be very glad you took the time to set it up on your computer.

click here

• Streaming Audio files
Listen while you surf. These work online only, and are subject to "Stop & Go" interruptions - due to internet congestion and/or a poor connection. LoFi files will stream the easiest ... however, they are of the poorest quality. HiFi files serve full stereo quality ... however, they require a Cable or DSL internet connection.

• Downloading MP3 files
Save the song on your computer's hard-drive ... "almost-CD" quality. You can listen to mp3 files online or offline, and if you have a portable mp3 player, you can listen anywhere. However, when downloading an mp3 file, depending on your internet connection, patience (or another distraction) may be required - a 28k modem will take 20 minutes, or longer ... a 56k modem will require 10-15 minutes ... and a cable connection, like Optimum Online can do the job in seconds.

Here are a couple of cool books that will help :

@ MP3 for Dummies
by Andy Rathbone

A complete guide to MP3 technology, for those with no previous experience.   Covers MP3 players, songs, Web sites like Napster and Gnutella, and 'ripping.'   The CD-ROM features links to MP3 sites, sample files, plug-ins, skins, demo software, and shareware players.   System requirements: Windows 95+ or comparable Mac, sound card, 256 monitor, 28,800 modem.   Softcover.

@ I Want My MP3! :
How to Download, Rip, & Play Digital Music

by Bill Mann

Provides all the information you need to play, record, and download music in exactly the way you want.   Covers all aspects of Mp3, from ripping your own CDs to the best hardware available and the legal issues surrounding this new format.   Softcover.   CD-ROM included.

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How Can I Create My Own Real Audio Files?

@ Real Producer: Here's the tool for making streaming Real Audio files in various formats and speeds.

@ Playing it ... Creating it ... Serving it: Learn how to customize your Real Player settings! Plus, links to tutorials about creating your own content, etc..

@ Real Audio Tools & Plugins: Add slides and or video presentations to your music ... here's how.

How Can I Create My Own MP3 Files?

@ BladeEnc for PC
If you are on a PC, here's a free mp3 encoder for PCs, and all the instructions you'll need.

@ BladeEnc for MAC
If you are on a Mac, like me, here's a free mp3 encoder for MACs, and all the instructions you'll need. The encoder I use isn't free, but it works like a charm ... it's called Audio Catalyst - [Click Here].

@ Cool Edit
Here's one of the most popular programs for recording on your computer ...

@ Sound Edit
And here's the "other one" ...

@ MP3 for Dummies
by Andy Rathbone

Contains a glossary of terms that explains technical language in real English ... a step-by-step guide to make your computer MP3-compliant ... a handy directory to where all those MP3 songs are stored on the Internet ... a how-to guide to turn your desktop computer into a high fi sound system using your home stereo ... instructions to make MP3s from your own music collection ... an explanation of how to create and record compositions and then transform them into professional-quality MP3s ... and information about uploading files you create to MP3 sites.   Also included -- a CD-ROM starter kit that includes Shareware versions of MusicMatch Jukebox and Winamp as well as a trial version of SoundJam MP and live links to MP3 sites.

@ MP3 Underground :
The Inside Guide to MP3 Music, Napster, RealJukebox,
MusicMatch, and Hidden Internet Songs (With CD ROM)

by Ron White, Michael White

MP3 Underground is a brief, non-technical explanation of MP3 and Napster and their benefits, a look at the legal issues, and a short, concise overview of hardware requirements, MP3 players, cataloging software, on-line music database, rippers, encoders, and juke boxes.   The book also includes a consumer's guide to the various MP3 players, an overall explanation of streaming audio, and how-tos for setting up your own MP3 site.   The reader will be directed on how to hack past copy protections and sort through the legal and clandestine sources of MP3.

--- F. A. Q. ---

Q: "When I stream a song, it plays for a bit, and then stops! What do I do?"

A: This is known as "Internet Buffering" ... which means your connection to the internet is clogging up with users. The "Quick Fix" to this, is to wait a minute (allowing more of the song file to stream in to your browser) ... then slide the "progress bar" on the player all the way to the right (end of song) and then, all the way back to the left (starting point of song). If necessary, click the Play button again. The song should now play through.

The real problem is your ISP (internet service provider) is overloaded with users. This means that your connection to the internet could be improved. Consider finding a new ISP --- you can try entering "ISP" into the Yahoo! or Alta Vista or Google search engine, and looking for a higher quality provider ... or, if you really want to do it up right, call your cable company and see if you can get a cable connection to the internet ... like Optimum Online ... or DSL

If you have any confusion about any of this, please feel free to email the Geek at AlanHorvath.com with your questions:  

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