"Harmony Blue" was written December 5th, 1984 ...
at my sister Pam's house - Westwood, New Jersey

From the Busy Being Born CD :
Recorded live 1996, in Mike Toth's basement in Piscataway, New Jersey.
Alan Horvath: Vocal | 1968 Gibson Hummingbird Guitar
Mike Toth: Fender Bass Guitar

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I took a late-night walk through downtown Westwood, New Jersey ... Christmas Eve. It was a "Blue Christmas" that year, and even though I felt the deeper awareness of being alone ... in ways only the spirit of St. Nick can conjure ... it seemed, somehow, that I wouldn't really want it any other way.

This song was written in the midst of a great gulf of solitude. A time in my life of serious soul searching ... discovering that I had neglected, over the years, to develop a relationship with my Self ... that perhaps I didn't really know "who" I was. And so, I took some time to do that ... and saw something of the loneliness we all inhabit ... the aloneness in this crowded world that so many refuse to acknowledge. I saw that in that "aloneness" there is a greater crowd of Self. I wrote this one in about 3 hours, playing a series of chord-fingerings that I had never used before ... nor since.

It stills snows in my head everytime I sing this song ...

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