"Peacebone" was written January 21st, 1992 ...
at my house on Nebraska Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee

From the Busy Being Born CD :
Recorded live, 1996, at Mike Toth's house (basement) in Piscataway, New Jersey.
Alan Horvath: Vocal | 1968 Gibson Hummingbird Guitar
Mike Toth: Fender Bass Guitar

I had been writing different sets of lyrics to this music for 2 or 3 years, and getting nowhere, basically. Until, one day, in Nashville, I was hangin' out with a girlfriend ... we were laughing about some stuff ... I picked up my guitar and sang, "Figure it out on your own ... all I'm sayin' is, Peace ..." and she sang out, "Bone!" Bone? That's right ... bone. peaceBONE. It didn't seem to mean anything at all! And then, it seemed to mean a whole lot! I love dichotomy, 'cause I hate it so much! Perfect! So, I started singing just that ... "Peace, bone, peace ... bone, peace, bone ..." and I knew I had a song.

Later that night I wrote a bunch of verses. There's one that I usually throw in at live performances, and that's not on the recorded version ... about a producer in L.A. who was listening to some of my stuff, and really diggin' it ... until he heard "Peacebone." I was told he stopped the tape in the middle of the song and swore he'd NEVER listen to anything by me again! wow. What a compliment, eh? Bob Dylan once said, "If they love my stuff, or if they hate what I'm doing, I'm a successful artist ... but if I have no effect on them at all, I have failed." - or something to that effect, anyway.

What does it mean? I don't know ... I guess it depends on how you spell it ...

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