"Crazy" was written April 3rd, 1980 ...
at my Mom's on Quentin Avenue - New Brunswick, New Jersey

From the Piscataway Basement Tapes CD :
Recorded 1995 at Rubber Ball Studios in North Brunswick, New Jersey.
Alan Horvath: Vocal | Gibson Hummingbird Guitar

This song is all about my divorce in 1979.   I had returned to New Jersey and it seemed everywhere I went there were reminders of things we had done together ... people we knew and use to hang out with ... places we use to frequent ... it all seemed so crazy.   Nothing was "right."   And I kept thinking about what it would be like if this was just a bad dream that I'd wake up from.

The guitar part on this song is pure fingerstyle guitar playing ... and it's melodic structure has a touch of a classical nature to it that I really enjoy playing!   It's ... different.   I wrote the lyrics on April 3rd, but didn't put the music to them until April 23rd ... that's unusual for me - I usually write music and lyrics simultaneously.

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