"Frodo's Song" was written July 12th, 1973 ...
on a tree stump in Kendall Park, New Jersey

From The 'Rings Project CD :
Recorded April 30th, 2001 at Smokey Mirror Studios in Milltown, New Jersey.
Alan Horvath: Vocal | Oscar Schmidt Custom Autoharp
Overdubs by Horvath: 1968 Gibson Hummingbird Guitar, McSpadden Teardrop Dulcimer, Digital Congas (BOSS DR-770)

Track 10 from the Lord of the Rings CD ... this is the song that started the Lord of the Rings journey for me ... the first song I ever wrote about the trilogy. Originally titled Frodo (A Tale by Master Samwise), and then, later, Frodo / Friends Should Never Say Goodbye, this was the "A Side" of the 45 rpm record we cut in Nashville, back in 1980. I first recorded this song with Mark Paladino back in '74 ... with Mark Sullivan on 12-string backup guitar, and Ruben Dominguez on percussion.

This song represents my first reaction to J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Tolkien paints pictures with words, and I was so taken by his work after reading the books for the first time, I think the greatest thing I got out of it all was the recognition of how important friends are.

If I've written an "overall theme song" for this project ... this is it.

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