"Graffiti Jesus" was written January 27th, 1992 ...
      in North Brunswick, New Jersey

From the Michele's Kitchen CD :
Recorded live August 27th, 1994 at Michele's house in Flemington, New Jersey.
Alan Horvath: Vocal | Gibson Hummingbird Guitar
Chris Ingram: Acoustic Bass Guitar

I was entertaining the early stirrings of a project (transferring cassette tape copies of "old stuff" to digital format) when I came across a cassette tape labeled 1st Practice Tape w/Ingram: 8/27/94.   We recorded 10 songs that night ... 5 that were already released here at AlanHorvath.com ... and 5 that were not.

"So everybody sees it ..."

"Jesus Saves" ... how many times have you seen that, spray-painted on a bridge or something?   My favorite is the one I saw on the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, entering New York City, many moons ago, that inspired a song titled Who Do You Say ... but that's another story -- same inspiration though!   Graffiti is a very powerful artform!

This is the opening song for the Michele's Kitchen CD ... and the first song we rehearsed that night.

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