"Highway To Her Heart" was written November 23rd, 1987 ...
      at my house in Nashville, Tennessee

From the Michele's Kitchen CD :
Recorded live August 27th, 1994 at Michele's house in Flemington, New Jersey.
Alan Horvath: Vocal | Gibson Hummingbird Guitar
Chris Ingram: Acoustic Bass Guitar
Sugar the dog: Further Interruptions

There's an older recording of this song -- of just me and my guitar -- that was recorded late one night in Nashville ... you can hear it on the Nebraska Avenue CD.

"She's the sunrise in my mornin' ...
she's the headache that don't go away ..."

I was doing a lot of traveling in my car ... playing the club circuits in New Jersey and Pennsylvania ... weekly trips to Flemington (NJ) to visit with Michele ... and then, finally, driving nearly 1,000 miles and relocating in Nashville ... the bumps and curves ... the detour signs ... thoughts of head-on collisions ... all that, might've been enough.   But what really set it off was my buddy Charles John Quarto (songwriter / Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) pointed at one of my protruding main-arteries one day ... artists are weird like that ... and said "What is that?   A highway to your heart?"   Now, I had no idea why he said that to me, but Charles is a very coniving guy, so I figured he was pointing out a great song title and I had better do something to let him know I really do pay attention to things.

A recent trip home to Jersey included a visit with an old High School sweetheart of mine ... after 18 years of life going by, Shelley and I had lunch together and talked about where our lives had taken us since High School ... it was an unusual experience to say the least (more "highways" and "miles" to ponder).   I returned home to Nashville and from the airport, drove to Nebraska Avenue and threw my bags in the house ... then I jumped back in the car and buzzed down to Tavern On the Row for something to eat and to hear my good buddy Jimmy Dee performing with his jazz trio.   I sat down, ordered a meal, started eating ... and BAM!   There at the far end of the room ... mystically appearing out of what seemed to be nowhere ... a vision named Yogi: 5-feet tall ... blue eyes ... sandy blonde hair ... and some kind of hat that looked like I had suddenly been transported to a Humphrey Bogart movie - like Casa Blanca.   And I may as well have been for the way got lost in each others' eyes!   After finishing my dinner, I went over to her table and introduced myself.   By the time I finished my first sentence, three or four hours had flown by and I was head-over-heals ... gah-gah ... in love.   Then she tells me she's married!   Well ... what to do? ... I went back home and wrote this song.   Sigh ... women.

This was a first time run-through for Chris Ingram on bass guitar.   "Wetness; Sweatness" ... it was a VERY hot and humid evening (Michele's Kitchen).

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