"Houses of Healing" was written June 6th, 1980
in my sister's kitchen, 5 am, Upstate New York

From the Kingdom Come CD :
Recorded August 2003 at Smokey Mirror Studios in Milltown, New Jersey.
Alan Horvath: Vocal | 1968 Gibson Hummingbird Guitar

I was on a writing trip, Upstate New York, working on songs for the 'Rings Project (the Lord of the Rings CD) in a small one-room cabin in the woods.   My sister's house was nearby.   I went to her place to get something to eat after an all-night recording session ... it was 5 am and no one was in the house ... the sun was rising on a new day ... and while the coffee was brewing, I picked up my guitar and this song came out of me, all on it's own.

There's a chapter in Tolkien's trilogy of the same title ... a wonderful love story between Faramir and Eowyn, both wounded sorely in battle ... but, it isn't until seven chapters later, in "The Steward and the King," that this love story unfolds.   They walked and talked in the gardens of the hospital together ... and found a greater healing through their love for each other.

But also, this song is about many comforting conversations I had with my Dad when I was going through some very disturbing trials in my life ... it's about God's many mansions ... His many ways of finding us ... healing us ... calling us ... ministering His love to us ... and it's all about Jesus; the Door that opens, leading us in to His Kingdom.

Since the Kingdom Come CD needed one more song, and since The 'Rings Project had one too many (for an even ten), I decided to put this song in the Kingdom Come CD.

P.S. - I'm using an open G tuning on the guitar for this one: G G D G B D.

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