"Let It Go" was written August 13th, 1991 ...
at my house in Nashville, Tennessee

From the Nebraska Ave. CD :
Recorded 1992 at Alan's house in Nashville, Tennessee
Alan Horvath: Vocal | 1968 Gibson Hummingbird Guitar

I wrote this song for Craig Krampf   It's based on a conversation we had late one night, out at the "Krampf Ranch" in Brentwood, Tennessee.   Craig and I go back to 1972 via the recording session (at Craig's own Cherokee Studios in Los Angeles) produced by Mark Paladino - and got Elektra Records chasing me for an artist deal in 1973.

It all resurfaced when Melissa Etheridge did a show at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville ... I was sitting at a ringside table with a bunch of friends from RCA Records; about 10 feet in front of Melissa -- and she tore me apart with her passionate performances, too!   I wanted to marry her that evening.   Anyway, later in her set, she introduced "... the man who was responsible for it all ..." and this guy gets up on stage and plays drums for a few songs.   His face haunted me ... his drumming slayed me.

That weekend I must've listened to Melissa's album a hundred times -- the production was just unbelievable.   I phoned Nashville Information to see if Craig's phone number was listed and, Lo & Behold, it was!   Craig produced that first album of Melissa's and the idea of talking to him was exciting enough ... but, next thing you know, we realized that we knew each other from "my early days" in Los Angeles!   Well ... our friendship remains to this day.

I was also reading A Course In Miracles at the time, as was Craig ... and these lyrics are certainly influenced by many of the positive messages in that book.

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