"Melody For A Listener" was written September 15th, 1975 ...
      in the Adirondack Mountains - Lake George, New York

From the Piscataway Basement Tapes CD :
Recorded live Autumn 1976, at The Graham House in New Berlin, New York.
Alan Horvath: Vocal | Guild F212-XL 12-String Guitar
Michael Boni: Backup Vocal | 6-String Acoustic Ovation Guitar

I had an argument with my wife and I was creating some of these lyrics on the spot.   Michael Boni was a real joy to play with and I remember these kind of musical tangents with him with great nostalgic fondness.   You'll hear someone say, "Nice Hungarian tune ..." in the background of this recording -- that was my dear old Dad commenting.

"Listen ... don't walk away ...
I keep feeling like there's something more to say ..."

About This Recording: I was transferring tape copies of "old stuff" to digital format when I came across a cassette tape labeled Graham's w/Boni: 1976.   I don't know how many songs we recorded that night, but four were transferred to a cassette copy.   The Graham House was a big ol' farm house we rented just before my daughter Michele was born ... I always called it "The Graham House" because that was the landlord's name.   Michael Boni was up for a visit from Philadelphia and of course to jam ... once we got to playing I turned on my TEAC reel-to-reel half-track machine and just let the tape roll.

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