"Sweet Michele" was written September 8th, 1982 ...
... in Westwood, New Jersey

From the Michele's Kitchen CD :
Recorded 1984 at Alan's sister Pam's house in Westwood, New Jersey.
Alan Horvath: Vocal | Gibson Hummingbird Guitar
Overdubs by Horvath: Piano & Synth Strings (Roland Jupiter 6), Recordings of Michele (8 years old)

In the early 1980s, I had a Fostex X-15 4-track recorder that I was having a lot of fun with, in combination with a Roland Jupiter-6 synthesizer ... my daughter Michele enjoyed the synthesizer, too, and I would often turn it on and teach her with the tape recorder going.   She was only 8 years old at the time and her sweet little giggles were also preserved on some other tracks along with a song she made up called "Mine, All Mine," ... so naturally, I couldn't resist "overdubbing" them into the song I wrote about her.

"An arrow I lost in the sky ..."

In Psalm 127, it says that our children are like arrows in our quiver.   I divorced when Michele was only 2 years old and, through circumstances beyond my control, I didn't see her again for many years ... in many ways, I lost her ... unexpectedly ... like an arrow that's shot too high and vanishes into a thin blue sky.

Michele's High School Graduation Ceremony, in 1994, was a wonderful reunion and the catalyst for the Michele's Kitchen CD:   Wouldn't you know she was dating a musician ... the 3 of us spent much time together, as can be experienced on these recordings.

Michele:  1984 / 1994
Michele & David 2006

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