"Naked Moon" was written October 19th, 1996 ...
on a writing trip in Mount Pocono, New Jersey

From the Busy Being Born CD :
Recorded live 1999, at Graphic Sound Studio in Ringoes, New Jersey.
Alan Horvath: Vocal | Washburn Acoustic-Electric Guitar
A. Perry Heller: Percussion
Bob Hart: Fretless Electric Bass Guitar
Chris Lee & Leah Coloff: Cellos (added later)

I wrote one of my favorite poems about a mockingbird, one night ... many moons ago.   If I ever dig it out, I'll put a link to it here ... the title is 60 Quotations From A Mockingbird and it's a poem that I wrote after sitting quietly one night, around 2 a.m., counting the various calls of a mockingbird that was perched on a nearby post.   Somehow the heart of that poem resurfaced in the second verse of "Naked Moon" ... it's one of my favorite lines.

Writing this song was kind of an excercise in "free verse" poetry ... it's a love song, after all ... about really "being there" for someone in the midst of a crumbling society and democracy ... during these times of prophetic earth changes ... John Lennon's "Revolution" ... the real Armegeddon ...

The original / copyrighted title of this song is Naked Moon (I Corinthians 2:9)

"... the eye has not seen ...
the ear has not heard ...
nor has it entered into the heart of man ...
the things that God has prepared for those that love Him ..."
I Corinthians 2:9   (please ponder 2:8 as well)

This song comes from another one of my "writing trips" to the Pocono Mtns. here in Jersey.   Naked Moon is a marker of sorts for me, in that it displays a new level of consciousness at the heart of my writing and playing.   The guitar phrasings are a lot of fun to play, and the delivery of the vocal is just ... different.   I feel like I'm doing spoken-word in the verses, and then singing this straight-forward melody in the chorus.   The studio was jammin' when we recorded this one ... and what you hear was our first take.   Cellos were dubbed in later.

When people ask me which song is my favorite, the answer has ever been the same ... it's always the one I'm presently writing ... but this one is special to me.

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