"Planet of Love" was written June 26th, 1991 ...
Inspired by Matraca Berg - Nashville, Tennessee

From the Busy Being Born CD :
Recorded live 1996, in Mike Toth's basement in Piscataway, New Jersey.
Alan Horvath: Vocal | 1968 Gibson Hummingbird Guitar
Mike Toth: Fender Bass Guitar

I was five, maybe six years old ... playing in a field with a bunch of neighborhood kids ... on one fine and sunny Summer day ... and there was this "new girl" on the block, named Rosie. At some point I wound up playfully chasing Rosie around the field, all the way to her front porch, where my memory of her vanishes -- my eyes followed her joyous escape up to the top of the porch stairs where suddenly my vision got jammed by the brightest pair of blue eyes I've ever seen! Enter, Rosie's younger sister, Suzie. Circa, 1956-57.

I know it sounds silly to talk about love at such an early age, but on the other hand you'll have to agree that such concepts may never be more ideally consumed at any other time of life as well as when we are young at heart. At any rate, Suzie and I fell very much in love with each other over the following two years and spent nearly every day together.

We lived in what everyone called "the projects" -- WW2 army barracks that had been converted into low-income housing; a temporary situation for all involved, as everyone eventually had to move in the interest of New Brunswick High School being constructed.

Suzie and her family moved out of the projects shortly before we did ... a day which will ever remain crystal clear in my mind. The day of her leaving came ... we had our special time alone together and when it finally came time for her to go, she sat at the back window of her father's station wagon, where we could maintain eye-contact for as long as we were able. She slowly faded into the distance ... until the "cord" snapped ... and I remained hidden in nearby bushes until I ran out of tears.

Some months later I was walking home from school, wondering if she ever thought about me ... I entered the livingroom of our new home, and the Everly Brothers were on the TV screen, singing a song called Wake Up Little Suzie -- it stopped me dead in my tracks. I just stood there, mezmerized, and watched them sing as the revelation fixed itself deep into my soul: "This is how I'll find her again; I'll become a famous singer; she'll see me on TV; we'll get married."

As time went by I fell in and out of relationships and, as we all do, I began questioning what was happening to me in this arena called love. It occurred to me that we often try to recreate things that no longer exist, except perhaps in our fantasies, and that every love in our lives is unique unto itself ... no two romances are ever alike.

In 1991, Matraca became the bearer of the above-mentioned revelation for me and one night ... I think, in the interest of explaining something to her, as well as to myself, this song was born. It reminds me of my faith in love's surprising ability for breaking through any and all walls that may block our way.

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