"Psalm 57" was written June 29th, 1981
at my cottage in Nashville, Tennessee

From the Kingdom Come CD :
Recorded August 2003 at Smokey Mirror Studios in Milltown, New Jersey.
Alan Horvath: Vocal | 1968 Gibson Hummingbird Guitar
Overdubs by Horvath: Backup Vocals, 1986 Flatiron 3K Bouzouki, Digital Congas (BOSS DR-770)

Just before returning to Nashville -- after enjoying a music ministry with Pastor Don Yarborough for three or four months in Oneonta, New York -- I was ministering with some friends on a daily basis at Oneonta College.   There was a time each day when the center-courtyard of the campus would suddenly burst full of students exiting through every door in site and filling the courtyard as they went from their various classes to the cafeteria, for lunch.   In the interest of delivering a message that could be injested in a very short time (as students quickly approached and rushed by) I would stand in the middle of the courtyard and sing the opening chorus (four short lines) to this song, over and over again.

I had purchased an inexpensive Epiphone guitar for these daily sessions, and I'll never forget it because there were days I stood out there in the pouring rain and played this chorus -- getting much more attention than usual -- and that old guitar stood up to it, too!

Later, when I was back in Nashville, I meditated on Psalm 54 one night and wrote the verses that embellish this stand-alone chorus.

P.S. - I'm using an open D tuning on my 1968 Gibson Hummingbird guitar for this one: D A D F# A D ... but it's tuned down a whole-step, making it C G C E G C instead ... an Open C Tuning.

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