"Right As Rain" aka "The El Camino Song"was written December 15th, 1994 ...
in the Pocono Mountains, New Jersey - special thanks to Beverly for the place

From the Busy Being Born CD :
Recorded live 1996, in Mike Toth's basement in Piscataway, New Jersey.
Alan Horvath: Vocal | 1968 Gibson Hummingbird Guitar
Mike Toth: Fender Bass Guitar

I'm at a traffic light, downtown Mount Pocono, NJ ... in my Chevy El Camino ... there are two girls in my rear view mirror ... college girls, in an Astro Van ... it's raining out and nothin' makes sense anymore ... except the rain, and my '79 Chevy El Camino.

I hadn't been in a relationship for awhile when I wrote this one ... and I had gone to the Pocono Mountains, in New Jersey ... as I often do ... to write. I was in a bit of a funk ... plus, it had been raining for three days, non-stop ... and I had been playing this guitar riff (listen to the intro) for three days, non-stop ... kinda stuck on it, and getting nowhere. So I took a ride into town ... drove around in the rain ... it was a Saturday night, but Mount Pocono was nothing but wet, dark, and quiet ... so, I just turned around and started heading back to the woods, and my guitars.

I was sitting at a red light, and these two girls were in my rear-view mirror ... talking and carrying on ... the light changed, I took off ... and on the way home, I started singing ... "Two girls in my rear-view mirror ..." I got back to my guitar, and it all came out. Just the way you hear it.

This song is a bit of a summation of sorts ... a look at myself going through yet another major "change" ... seems we grow the most after going through the more painful experiences in life ... it hurts ... it's tough to go through some of the unexpected turns that hit us ... and yet, they somehow seem to create the most rewarding results, in terms of growth and finding a greater understanding about who we are and what we came here for ...

... which is also the reason we chose this song for inclusion in the MP3.COM compilation CD: "The Kosovo Refugee Relief Album."

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