"Second Pond" was written October 23rd, 1972
at my parents house in New Brunswick, New Jersey

From the Piscataway Basement Tapes CD :
Recorded live, Autumn 1976 at The Graham House in New Berlin, New York.
Alan Horvath: Vocal | Guild F212-XL 12-String Guitar
Michael Boni: 6-String Acoustic Ovation Guitar

"The Acceptance of Second Pond - A Trilogy."   This song has great meaning to me and a bunch of my friends ... there were eight of us ... we all took a trip together to party in Lake George, New York and found ourselves high up in a state park ranger's lookout tower where one of us spotted a body of water that sat some 50 miles or so north of Lake George.   "Oh -- that's Second Pond." said the ranger, "I can give you a map if you want to camp out there."   "Cool!"   That night we went back to the hotel and started making plans over dinner.

"We'll find you ... yes, we'll find you ...
We'll even sing a song to remind you ..."

A couple weeks later, we took the journey ... drove my 1954 Ford 2-door Ranchwagon -- named "Baby Blue" because it was -- as far into the woods as we could go and then had to hike another 5 miles in to get to Second Pond.   With sleeping bags, tents, cooking gear, harmonica (to keep the bears away with) ... all the usual stuff, packed into 30 pounds of misery strapped onto my back ... we entered those woods like the city slickers we were - and proceeded to get thoroughly lost.   So lost, in fact, that we had to turn back and abandon our search!   A couple of weeks later, again, we attempted the trip ... but this time we made it.   We camped out at Second Pond for 3 or 4 days, drank water out of pristine, ice-cold streams, watched otters playing in the pond and shared the best of times with the best of friends.

It took three trips to find success with Second Pond ... so, after we all got back, I wrote this song -- three verses -- "to remind you."

About This Recording: I was transferring tape copies of "old stuff" to digital format when I came across a cassette tape labeled Graham's w/Boni: 1976.   I don't know how many songs we recorded that night, but four were transferred to a cassette copy.   The Graham House was a big ol' farm house we rented just before my daughter Michele was born ... I always called it "The Graham House" because that was the landlord's name.   Michael Boni was up for a visit from Philadelphia and of course to jam ... once we got to playing I turned on my TEAC reel-to-reel half-track machine and just let the tape roll.

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