"Sun Mass Recital" was written September 27th, 1974
at our house on Norton Avenue - Hollywood, California

From the Piscataway Basement Tapes CD :
Recorded live Autumn 1976, at The Graham House in New Berlin, New York.
Alan Horvath: Vocal | Guild F212-XL 12-String Guitar
Michael Boni: 6-String Acoustic Ovation Guitar

Karen and I wrote this song together, but it was mostly her's to begin with ... and she wrote all the lyrics.   We were heading back to New Jersey, after living in Hollywood for a year and both of us longed to be back on the East Coast again ... we packed all our stuff, including Hama (our Cockatiel) and Dutch (our dog from the Hollywood dog pound), and readied ourselves for a 5-day journey across America.   I believe she wrote this song about that journey.

"Just some babe, a-lookin' for a manger ..."

About This Recording: I was transferring tape copies of "old stuff" to digital format when I came across a cassette tape labeled Graham's w/Boni: 1976.   I don't know how many songs we recorded that night, but four were transferred to a cassette copy.   The Graham House was a big ol' farm house we rented just before my daughter Michele was born ... I always called it "The Graham House" because that was the landlord's name.   Michael Boni was up for a visit from Philadelphia and of course to jam ... once we got to playing I turned on my TEAC reel-to-reel half-track machine and just let the tape roll.

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