"Wishes" was written November 11th, 1992
jammin' with Kevin Monroe, at my house in Nashville, Tennessee.

From the Busy Being Born CD :
Recorded live 1996, in Mike Toth's basement in Piscataway, New Jersey.
Alan Horvath: Vocal | 1968 Gibson Hummingbird Guitar
Mike Toth: Fender Bass Guitar

This song is an exhortation to believe in your Self ... an admonishment to trust in your own heart enough to follow the calling that has been placed there.

"... you don't hear the angels cry ... everytime you don't believe ..."

I met Kevin Monroe at a Christmas party, out at Craig Krampf's ranch ... Craig encouraged Kevin and I to get together and do some co-writing - he thought it would be a great combination, and I do believe he was right!   I very rarely get into co-writing, but I'm always into trying it and with Kevin I'm very glad that I did!   I really get into performing this song ... the chord changes (mostly Kevin's) mezmerize me and the lyrics inspire me in new ways every time I play it.

We followed Craig's advice ... Kevin came over to my place on April 24th ... we hung out for a while, but wound up writing most of the verses in our second session together on May 3rd ... and finally wrote the bridge, finishing the song, on November 11th.   We just had fun getting together and working on the song ... it was not only very easy to write, but it brought a deep and meaningful experience to both of us, over a seven-month period of time in 1992.   The title and basic idea for the song was Kevin's, as was the chord progression through the verses.   We started by talking about things that were going on in our lives ... and in the lives of some of our friends ... and off we went.   Lyrically it was a strange 50/50 split: Kevin went, "If you don't see a reason to hope, you won't see a reason to dream ..." and I went, "That's right: You don't hear the angels cry, everytime you don't believe ..."   We got together a couple of days later and finished up the verses ... and then a number of months passed before we finally added the bridge: "It's all up to you, I can't do anything ..." and finished the song, as I said, in November.

Kevin's version of the song, speaking in terms of performance, is a far cry from mine ... he does the song in a much faster, more agressive tempo, with a rock and roll band.

I'm back in Jersey now, and Kevin's living in Nashville ... but we still keep in touch.   He said he would send me a copy of his version ... if he ever does, I'll post a link to it here.

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