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I Wanna Be With You (1992)
Well, if you stare up at the ceiling,
Same way that I do ...
You ever see the same line,
At the same time?
Look into my windows
If you really want to ...
Ooh, what somebody like you
Might really do
I've got some places right in mind
If you think you want to go,
Help me lay down my chain; changes
But look into my windows 'cause you really want to;
I'm like a neon sign - I've got nothing left to hide ...

Looking like a sweet dream, the way that you do
I never want to wake up ... alone again
Curl into my pages ... read between the lines
You'll see it every time - love's not blind
If there's a space between you and me, ooh, don't you let it be
Move on in and fill it up ... with your sweet touch
Let me know there's something in this world that I can hold onto
Wrap your love around me ... never let go of me

Ooh, no one could ever do,
What you do to me ...

© 1987 by Alan Horvath | BMI | All Rights Reserved

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